Of course the Brazilian government is not composed by aliens. The politicians have its roots from the people and when you remove a corrupt and incompetent politician you soon get a similar in place and the election system deliver the political talents from the same basket.

The Brazilian people are today trained by their media to act as individualists, capitalists and consumers. That is disappointingly, as we have a good stock of human resources, however, if boys and girls are educated not to be good men and women but rather egocentric and spoiled individuals, the result will be deplorable.

Under their ambition for rising career the leaders refine theirs bad characteristics in corruption and gain for power and turn intolerable. To avoid involvement in their private business made in public office they use the old and effective receipt to maintain power, "divide et impera", divide and rule, gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power and union into pieces that individually have less power than one union, causing rivalry and discordation among the people.

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