A country which violates human rights and retards its population must be straightened up. Are you supporting bad Brazilian leadership with your financial support of Brazilian products? At the moment, the most relevant critics against the Federal Republic of Brazil are:


The authorities suppress the Brazilian population and aim to maintain it stupid and childish. The people are encouraged to follow stupid standards, brainwashed by silly soap operas from 18h to 23h, scared by news educating how to commit crimes and frightening the population. All foreign programs are dubbed to prevent the Brazilian from learning a foreign language and beingable to obtaining international information by their own means. The school level is extremely low.


Instead of stimulating production, intelligence and patriotism; the Brazilian authorities exploit the population with bureaucracy and ostensive penalties, inventing "crimes" and trespassing, to catch money in fines, a short perspective politics with severe consequences in the long run.


The imprisonment system is under all critics, violating human rights. Rapists divide the same cell with kids. Cages are overpopulated, prisoners have to sleep on the concrete floor, and rarely a prisoner has more than 1 square meter of space in the cell. The showers are cold. Medical treatment is absent or delayed. No one leaves the jail as a better person - that is of course very bad for the society, which has to suffer more and more violence from worse and worse criminals. This imbecile policy turns Brazil into one of the most violent countries in the world.


Family fathers, who are eventually in debt with alimony,whether rightly or mistakenly, are condemned to a humiliating treatment, handcuffed, put in the trunk of a police car and imprisoned under Spartan conditions, together with ex-prisoners and close to rapists, drug dealers, thieves and murders. This is the only debt which causes imprisonment.


Brazilian Justice is extremely slow, unqualified, ineffective and corporative. Therefore both victims and convicted suffer enormous loss of property, time and health. High rate of the convicted are, in fact, innocent.


A mayor part of Brazilian news is composed by corruption scandals, this is the reality since 2014. New politicians from the same breeding substitute the removed ones, so corruption will continue until a radical shift of system.


According to the legislation, women are 50% more worthy than men. Women can sue men without any probe under the law "Maria da Penha". Every town has a special police station, "DELEGACIA DA MULHER", just to attend women.


The Brazilian armament laws are today one of the most rigid in the world, but police protection is insufficient, therefore the population live defenseless exposed to crime. In opposite, the criminals have easy access to weapons and use often more advanced military armament.


Brazil still has the biggest rain forest area in the world, and even if the deforestation declined the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE) presented 5012 km²/year (August 2013 to July 2014). Commercial interests are connected to political leaders so the invasion of protected forest and commercialization of native trees are both still possible, even if not admitted. Commercialization of the delicacy palm heart is still allowed, which causes extinction of palm tree Juçara, important for sustaining more than 100 species, principally the toucan bird.


Instead of putting an end to the illegal drug commerce in the nation, the Brazilian government, once called by Israel as a "diplomatic dwarf", criticizes when Asian countries put order in this question.


Pollution and traffic jam of motorized vehicles is high because individualism is well rooted. Even with some investments in public transportation, few people use it. Everyone has his own car.

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