Discrimination of men

How Brazil violates family fathers, ordinary taxpaying citizen.

Other undeveloped countries which commit similar crimes against humanity are observed and reported. The difference of Brazil is that mistreatment and torture are carefully masked and hidden. Brazil does not show up victims in public place, finishing it´s victims by bullets or stones like some Asian countries. Brazilian authorities are masters and champions in lowering the competence and moral of the nation. In jail, illness, leisure and death are provoked by gathering the inmates in overcrowded cells, letting inmates freeze in cold and humid cages, or suffer of insects and virus in hot and humid closed environment.

The educational level of the Brazilian population is very low, still nowadays a lot of people can´t read and even around academics you find a impressional lack of knowledge. What you expect from a 10 years old child from Europe, Russia or Far East, you can hardly expect from a Brazilian academician. Ignorants are in power as in the mainstream population silently in submission bowing their head for their masters of incompetence and corruption.

Brazilian law condemn men with difficulties to pay alimony to their ex-spouses to imprisonment between 30 to 90 days. That is the only kind of debt which rents prison in Brazil. And perhaps in the entire world? When locked in a jail, the man loose job and accumulate bills

That even happened to me, a Swedish citizen and civil engineer, living and working in Brazil since 1994, well known professional in the area of soil mechanics and ground investigation applied in highway and other infrastructure, active in technical associations and Standard Authorities, contributing with scientific papers at academic conferences, also related on the site www.nilsson.com.br.

I paid all years the bills, all costs, and all food, everything regarding all individuals in this family. She never paid nothing. Even including all bills and receives in the process, the female judge did condemn me to pay still more, without legal sense, including, of, still living in the same house! How could such a mess be possible?

January 2015 the judge Silvia Paula Moreschi Ribeiro Cappi condemned me to pay alimony for my 6 year old son after receiving ASS in her office and attending the lie that I did not live in my own house! All proofs, clear and consistent, were ignored by this female judge. She listened to a shameless and big lie, and decided to give the mother ASS provisional care of my son, which since that moment suffered total alienation from me and his elder brothers.

As this was an erronic judgment we did not bother about any consequences, I gathered all receipts of payment of the house budget, everything was and still is paid by me. The 22th of May 2016, nearly one and a half year after the erratic judgment, another female judge took over the process, Beatriz Sylvia Straube de Almeida Prado Costa, who executed the erratic judgment made by her percursor. I was sentenced to 30 days jail, arrested by the police in my own house!.

So, now I can tell you how unfair, dirty and mean the Brazilian prison system is. In a lot of cases, the men are injusticed by lies, or they have already paid the alimony but the extremely slow Brazilian bureaucracy delays weeks to expel a simple order of release.

When a judge assign an arrest order against a family father in deb,t the system declares the man rewarded, but do not reveal if it is for a crime or for the supposed debt. The local police get a copy of the arrest order and the name of the rewarded man is released on internet so any police in any city in Brazil can proceed. When the unfortunate man is arrested, the police handcuff him and throw him in the trunk of the police car, driving him to the city arrest. They do not bother of the bad impression they give on this arrested guy, he is treated the same way as he was a criminal, a murder, rapist for example, exactly the same shameful treatment, in front of children, neighbors, employees, colleagues, friends or managers.

The standard Brazilian arrest cell on a police stationmeasures 2 x 5 square meters, walls and floor are made of concrete. In the fund is the WC, a hole in the floor. To flush, the inmate must call the guard, ask him please to flush. No shower, no water, no furniture, no bed. Just cold and dirty concrete. Anytime any criminal can be thrown into the cell, making company to the imprisoned family father. The next day, generally, he gets handcuffed like a criminal, thrown into the trunk of the police car, sometimes sharing the small place with other infortunates and driven to the final prison complex.

In the jail complex the citizen is welcomed into a cell, of 14,4 square meters, 6 concrete boxes to sleep in, eventually shared by 25 prisoners. In spite of lack of beds, the most prisoners sleep on the cold concrete floor. An opening of width 80cm on the wall leads to the WC, a compartment of 3 square meters. In a basin, French type, the inmate makes all his necessities.

Sometime between 07.30 to 9 o´clock one piece of white, unhealthy bread with margarine is served, accompanied with coffee with milk. About 13 o´clock a poor and greasy lunch is served in a bowl of discard able aluminum, paid by around 2 US$ pp. In the bottom of the bowl is a tiny layer of beans (one bean height, that is a quarter of an inch) topped by rice to the top. A scared and tiny piece of meat is dropped on the rice. None or very few vegetables are served. Never fruits. Between 19.00 and 20.30 the dinner is served, repeating the lunch project, just with some modification of the meat.

Under the weekends from 17 o´clock of Friday to 13 o´clock of Monday, all inmates are locked in their overpopulated cells. Under the ordinary days, between Between 13-17o´clock, the inmates are allowed to walk around the path, that is 8 x 12 square meters in open air.

Under the month I incorrectly was imprisoned, the night temperature always fell under 15° C and more than 5 nights it was between 0° C to 5° C. Even if the main part of Brazil is located in the tropic zone, the winter does not bring any carnival or sunny beach feelings in the most southern Brazil, it occurs even negative degrees Celsius and snow. The dripping concrete walls and the cold weather rendered in a completely insalubrity climate, resulting in chill and flue for all inmates. Under the nights the coughings were constant, from all of the cells. Only 7 persons during this month got some medical care. One of them was crying in two days, vomiting blood and bile before he was attended. He was finally diagnosticated with kidney stone, but had still to continue imprisoned in his cell.

Every case to get to hospital was treated with common Brazilian delay. In medium it took 2 days to get to a doctor. In most cases, the transport did not occur. In some cases, the inmate had no money to buy the remedies.

A Brazilian prison is often old and needs reformation, but is at least kept accordingly clean by the inmates, as they make whatever is possible to keep as clean as possible.

However, the Brazilian state, paying or not for cleaning products and other necessities, do not bother if the supplies really enter the cells. This prison where I was locked for 30 days did only afford 2 products, chlorine and disinfection liquid, the rest of supplies the prisoners had to arrange by their visitors, who has the right to arrive one time a week, on Thursdays between 14-16h.

Well, concluding: The incompetent and cruel Brazilian judicial system throws even sick and hurt men into jail. Transports to hospitals and supplies of medicine are delayed or omitted. Toothache and flu are ignored and have to be cured or relieved by some folk remedy improvised by the other inmates. This is how Brazil treats ordinary citizens, dads who love their children and eventually not are able pay the high demands of their ex-spouse, these days more difficult than ever, as the criminal and corrupt Brazilian politicians let the country in bankruptcy.

Observe that this article treats imprisonment of family fathers, workers or company managers, not ordinary criminals, just men accused, innocent or guilty, debt of alimony. Imprisoned criminals are of course getting harder treatment . As a case we witnessed, when 2 kids, 16 and 12 years old, were locked up in the same cellblock as two rapiests, accused for violation of their own daughters, one 15 years old, the other 6 years old.

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