A very Poor Justice

The poor Brazilian justice system stands out in cases of human rights violation

Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela stand out among Latin American countries cited by Amnesty International in its annual assessment of human rights as backspace examples. Beside States historically identified as failing to protect human rights, such as Saudi Arabia, Angola, United States, China and Russia, the four Latin American countries are highlighted by Amnesty International as cases of disobedience to the laws and weakening institutions created in order to protect the rights of people.

In Brazil, according to Amnesty, they are occurring very serious threats to the right to life through police violence and the justice system, as well as cases of attempted criminalization of social movements and ordinary taxpaying citizen.

They are from Latin America and the Caribbean 8 of the 10 most violent countries in the world, and in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela is committed 25% of homicides in the entire planet. In addition, for every 100 homicides in Latin America, only 20 resulted in conviction. In some countries, this proportion is even lower.

Source, 1st of March 2016:


Brazil doubled the quantity of inmates under 10 years of government by PT, Workers Party.

With a deficit of a quarter of million of employees (244 000 jobs !) in the prison system, Brazil is improvising cruel and stupid solutions to take care of the actual 615 933 prisoners. 40% of them are detained in a temporary situation, only awaiting trial and eventually, innocent. And if guilty, is he worth such a primitive treatment by a public organ, if the country claim itself civilized? During the last ten years of PT government under Lula da Silva, succeeded by Dilma Rousseff , the number of prisoners in Brazil doubled. In 2003, Brazil´s imprisoned population was made up of 300 000 people, it had previous years been stable around 240 000 inmates. With the Partido dos Trabalhadores on Govern the ratio is increasing with 10% per year.

One of the main problems concerns the amount of pre-trial detainees. Currently, there are 238 000 prisoners awaiting trial in prisons , as further mentioned 40%. There are cases like that of an inmate who stole R$ 200,00 (US$ 60) in a shop and one year and four months later still not is judged. There is a huge amount of pre-trial detainees awaiting trial in a closed regime, which of course is absurd. And remember that this only happens because these people, in their absolute majority, have no legal assistance, they cannot afford a lawyer.

Supposingly, many judges are "out of date of Brazilian social reality" and end up condemning people to prison indiscriminately. When possible to pay a good lawyer the person wait for trial in freedom. The culture of Brazis is emphasized to prison, the imprisonment is here the only response to crime. If the suspect not is accidently killed under capture.

Detainees reports inhumane conditions in prisons. The police presence is almost nonexistent inside the units. Inside, the prisoners themselves are the rulers, and has everything including drugs, cellphones and weapons. With the increase in the number of prisoners and the deterioration of the Brazilian public economy, the state is unable to follow up the necessary expansion of rooms, so automatically occurs the failure of prison conditions, both physical and moral. Today the environment is unhuman, the food is horrible, there is a decline in the quality of all services and disability in the legal, social and medical assistance.

Sociologist Camila Nunes Dias invested a lot of time studying this phenomen and says that the states have no interest in investing in existing prisons. When investment occurs, it is always for the construction of new units. The proportion between inmate and keeper is getting absurd, there is sometimes 1 agent to take care of 400 prisoners. Prison is not a viable option, nor economically nor socially, because it amplifies the violence, especially today as Brazilians prisons are absolutely dominated by criminal gangs.

The pigheaded subdeveloped Brazilian administration needs urgently a change in consciousness, humanity and efficiency. It is the 4th country in statistics of locking up people, still arising for the level of champion in this task. Locking up anybody the police suspect for crime and letting him wait very long time in a disgusting overcrowded cell is a simplistic, imature and self-centered solution that does not solve any problem. Neither for the inmate, nor for society and neither less for the suffering victims of the crimes. Building more and more prisons and creating strange loneyticks, more skilled criminals or angry beasts willing to take revenge on the world, just will return more and more problems for the society.

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